Oil Distribution Depot, Gloucester

Construction of a new purpose made facility and operating base for an established local business distributing across the southwest of England, providing a storage capacity of 500,000 litres of heating oil, diesel and kerosene within a series of purpose made tanks set within a reinforced concrete catchment bund. The site presented a series of challenges with depths of made ground of up to 6m combined within a high risk flood zone and EA source protection zone, standing alongside a strategic national oil supply pipeline. With the degree of redundancy and failsafe provision required in petroleum and oil storage installations built after the Buncefield incident, the design had to follow an assessment of what construction methods would remain within the bounds of the often conflicting regulatory systems and restrictions imposed on the site. The resulting system using a piled raft with low impact CFA piles for the tank farm and the associated office and workshop buildings, which were designed to be flood resilient, along with external hardstandings in Cement Bound Macadam which was both impervious and resistant to hydrocarbon attack. The depot became operational in September 2014.

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